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Do you offer exchanges?

Yes, we offer returns and exchanges. But you must follow all the procedures that are mentioned in our return policy and all products must first be granted the RMA (Return Material Authorization) before we accept any returns or exchanges. Please consult the Returns Policy page for more details. Also, items that are custom-made, items that are on clearance or items that are discontinued cannot be returned or exchanged here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.

Why was my order canceled?

Your order may have been canceled due to an item not being in stock or INTEGRAL TACTICAL® not having the size of the item that you requested. Also, your order may be canceled if your credit card has expired or if the order is over its monetary limit. In addition, orders may be canceled if the name on the credit card is not the same as the name of the person placing the order. If you have any questions regarding the cancellation of your order, you may contact us for more information.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No, we are happy to offer guest check out options, however, by registering for an account you can track order history, process returns and exchanges easier and gain access to member only sales as they occur.


Where can I buy INTEGRAL TACTICAL® products?

Products are offered / available online or through the distributors listed on our site. To become a distributor please follow the steps outlined in our distributor portal in our website footer.

Can I buy INTEGRAL TACTICAL® stickers?

Stickers and patches coming soon.

What size am I?

Since we have been making technical clothing for a long time, we know how important it is for the clothing to fit you well. Please see our size charts (Found here – add link) for your sizing. Please note some products are designed to fit large as they are intended to be worn over insulating layers.

How do I recognize Counterfeit products?

We understand that counterfeit products are an increasing issue in todays retail world, as such we do our part to ensure our products are easily recognizable. One way to ensure you are purchasing authentic products is by buying from us directly, or from one of our listed authorized dealers. If a company is claiming to be a dealer and are not listed on our website, please check with us before you purchase. Look for details in the labelling, stitching, locations of branding etc. All of these can be key indicators if a product is authentic or not.


What payment methods do you accept?

Our website utilizes PayPal Pro which enables us to process any payment through PayPal’s secure system even if you do not have an account. Our website will let you check out as a guest. If you have a PayPal account you are able to link it to speed up your check out processes in the future.

Why was my payment declined?

Your payment may have been declined for various reasons: ranging from your credit card being expired, information being entered incorrectly, type of card not being valid to stock limits for the item you are purchasing. Please check that you are entering all information correctly, if the problem continues please feel free to contact us directly to assist you.

How much tax will I have to pay?

Tax is calculated on all web sales automatically based off your ship to address. Taxes are calculated at the destination address. All duty and brokerage fees will be included in your shipment price on international shipments, you will not have any surprise fees when your package arrives

How much is shipping?

Shipping will be dependent on the number of items in your order, size and weight of your package, destination and shipping method selected. FELLFAB® and INTEGRAL TACTICAL® leverage our strong relationship with UPS to receive the lowest rates possible that are extended to you.


Bulk buying and reselling policy

To qualify for bulk order discounts, please see our application to become a distributor. You must become an approved dealer to resell our products in bulk. If you are an agency looking to make a bulk purchase for your department, government agency, first responder etc. please send us an email and we can process your payment as you may qualify for a better rate.

Forgot my log in or password for my account.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by providing your email, a new password will be sent to you. If you forget your email, please call us and we will have a few questions to confirm your identity before we help you get back into your account.

How do you approach issues of social and environmental responsibility?

INTEGRAL TACTICAL® is actively working towards increasing our social and environmental responsibility. Some of the ways we are doing this is by sourcing ethically sourced down from an RDS (Responsible Down Standard) supplier, we are actively working towards out own RDS certificate as well as other sustainability and environmental standard certificates. We use materials with post-consumer recycled content where possible. Out synthetic insulation is made with recycled materials. We work with our suppliers on improving practices and reducing environmental impact when we can. Please keep an eye out for a future update on our website, where we will be outlining the post-consumer recycled content and, environmental impact for each of our products.


Is my personal information kept private?

Yes! Please see our privacy policy located in the footer for our full privacy policy. We do not share or sell your personal data and we abide by all applicable laws and regulations. 
The only time we will ever share data is with our shipping partners. Website encryption to protect your data..

What are cookies?

Cookies are a form of data for our website. They enable your experience on our website to be better due to the fact that they save relevant information regarding your browsing our site. The cookies empower the site to allow you to remain signed in and they further enable the site to recall your preferences. With this being the case, the cookies enable the site to present content that is the most relevant to you as a customer of INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.


What is unique about this brand?

INTEGRAL TACTICAL® is proudly made at our headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. If a product requires Berry Amendment compliance it will be manufactured at one of our two USA facilities. We are family owned and operated, our parent company FELLFAB® has been in business since 1952 and has been in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada since its founding.

Is this a reputable brand?

Yes, INTEGRAL TACTICAL® is most assuredly a reputable brand. FELLFAB® took ownership of the brand in 2013. Integral Tactical had a long history under the brand name Integral Designs prior to FELLFAB® acquisition. Integral Designs was founded in 1986 as an outdoor gear / camping gear supply company.

Why do people choose this brand?

We believe people buy our products for various reasons, ranging from our customer service, we are a one stop shop for apparel, shelters, accessories and more, our quality and more. Our products speak for themselves. Our products are purpose built to be used in some of the most extreme environments and our customers that test them there, keep coming back. Our products are priced competitively We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated business. Our parent company has been located in Hamilton, Ontario since 1952.

Who buys products that are made by this brand?

The INTEGRAL TACTICAL® brand of products was initially designed for the Military and Law Enforcement. Various departments, first responders, government agencies and other industries in the public and private sector purchase from us. As the brand has grown our focus has shifted to include products for the consumer market.


How do I become an ambassador?

To become a Brand Ambassador follow the link here or click on the button at the bottom of the Ambassador page and follow the instructions.

Do I qualify for the ambassador program?

In order to qualify to be a Brand Ambassador you must meet the criteria for one of the listed tiers. We require a social media presence and active posting / reviews, we require you to own and use the gear. To qualify for the platinum tier you must be an industry leader, expert or top level influencer. You don’t not need to have a social media presence to be a platinum tier Ambassador. Exceptions can be made on the social media presence

Can I purchase gifts through my ambassador account?

With your ambassador pricing you are allowed to purchase gifts for those that live at your same address or immediate family. If you have any special circumstances please email us, we are happy to work with you to accommodate requests. Abuse of this policy may result in a ban on your discount and removal from the Ambassador program.

Can I make returns and exchanges?

Yes, we offer returns and exchanges. But you must follow all the procedures that are mentioned in our return policy and all products must first be granted the RMA (Return Material Authorization) before we accept any returns or exchanges. Please consult the Returns Policy page for more details. Also, items that are custom-made, items that are on clearance or items that are discontinued cannot be returned or exchanged here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.

What documents do I need for my brand ambassador application?

Applying is easy! We will need your full name, email address, social media handles, a photo to use for our website (if selected), tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be an Ambassador / what makes you a good candidate.

How will I know if I am accepted?

You will be contacted via email if you are accepted for the pro program via INTEGRAL TACTICAL®. All the pertinent details and information that you require will be provided in that email.

When can I reapply if I was not accepted?

If you were not selected to become an Ambassador, don’t fret, we are always looking to grow our team. All accounts and applications are kept on file. You may not have been selected for not meeting the criteria to become an Ambassador. If you hit these criteria please feel free to apply again. We are always accepting applications however; we may not always be adding to the team. Please feel free to apply and your application will be saved on file until our next round of additions is reviewed.