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Want to become a dealer with INTEGRAL TACTICAL®?

You will gain access to great products that are in high demand. You will provide true value to your customers with exceptional products that are proudly made in Canada. We stand behind our products that are created with durable materials and ultimate quality

Get exactly what you order and items in great condition

When you decide to order from us as a dealer, you can rest assured that you will always get the items that are part of your order. They will be in new condition and in good shape upon arrival ready for you to sell to your eager customers. You will find that we offer fair and honest pricing to our dealers.

Terrific customer service and the system is easy to use

Here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL®, we make it our priority to offer terrific customer service to our dealers. You will have access to reliable support when you need it.

Our ordering system is easy to use online. If you wish to place your order by phone, we would be happy to assist you. You can rest assured that the ordering process and delivery of your items are always conducted in a timely manner. You can have access to our catalogue to remain aware of the products that we have to offer that are worthy of your selling to your customers.

Some things to know before becoming a dealer

  1. If you wish to become a dealer for INTEGRAL TACTICAL® products, we require that you have either a dedicated bricks and mortar location or e-commerce platform.
  2. If your company has existing experience with carrying items in the tactical, outdoors, hunting or inclement weather markets, that makes you an ideal candidate to become a dealer for INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.
  3. You must have a professional email address that is associated with the name of your business during the process of applying to be a dealer of products that are manufactured by our experts here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.
  4. We require you to submit a copy of your business license that grants you the right to sell retail products in your particular province if you reside in the nation of Canada or for your particular state if you reside in the nation of the United States of America.
  5. We will work with you to work out an agreement that meets your inventory, and sales targets. We like to build a strong relationship with our partners and can reflect our program accordingly. Our distribution discounts are calculated on order volume. The larger the order, the better the discount. We can also work out arrangements if you don’t have the means to carry inventory but would still like to become a partner.
  6. Payment for product must be made within agreement terms.
  7. You are responsible for applicable taxes and shipping fees regarding all the inventory that you as a dealer order from us here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.
  8. As a dealer, it is imperative for you to follow all the procedures as well as the policies that are set forth by INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.
  9. Once you become an approved dealer, you will be granted all the applicable information concerning various procedures and policies that pertain to dealing with INTEGRAL TACTICAL®.
  10. You will have the ability to view the history of your account, such as your orders, back orders as well as transactions for payments.
  11. You will have access to your distributor discount on any online orders you place.
  12. We will advertise distributing partners on our website and we will require our distributors to post us as a brand they represent.

Contact us to become a dealer

If you would like to become an authorized dealer for INTEGRAL TACTICAL® products, we express our sincere appreciation. Please proceed to send us an email at Or you may opt to call us at 905-560-9230. We will respond to your request to become a dealer as soon as possible. You can also fill in the form below to leave your information for us to review. 

Thank you.