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We here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ® do not engage in the renting of your personal information to any other third parties. We are committed to using your information in accordance with this privacy policy. Therefore, we proceed to expound on our privacy policy for your benefit and consideration.

  1. In regard to the privacy policy, it is applicable to your usage of our website for INTEGRAL TACTICAL ®. We collect your personal information if you shop online, become a dealer, contact us or sign up for our catalogue or newsletter. We behave with your information in a responsible manner when you use our site.
  2. Personal information refers to the provision of information that has the capability of identifying someone. We handle your personal information with utmost care. We never engage in the usage of personal information that is sensitive, which means that we do not engage in the collection or usage of any information that is unauthorized. This is due to the fact that we are ethical here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ®, as it is not our intent to damage anyone’s reputation, jeopardize the rights of a person or harm the physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of a person. Hence, we most assuredly abide by all applicable laws in this regard.
  3. Information from you is collected when you register and make requests. The information that we collect on your behalf will be in accordance with what is deemed appropriate and necessary, such as when you need to place an order. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to register on our site here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ® when you wish to place an order. However, it is noted that you can browse our site and access various pages on the site without having to first register on the site of INTEGRAL TACTICAL ®.
  4. In such cases that you contact us by phone or by email, we do keep records of that communication regarding our interactions with you.
  5. Furthermore, we here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ® do keep records that are in regard to customer service for support and requests. Thus, we have on file the details of the request in an effort to be able to address comments or questions that are received by the customer service members. We want to serve you well, which is the reason why this is necessary.
  6. There are areas of our site where you may be able to post comments, such as reviews of our products that you like. The comments will be publicly visible to others who visit our site. They will not have access to your address, email or phone number. But they will see your name and your comment.
  7. Your information is provided to couriers when you place an order. This is so that they are able to deliver the products that you have ordered from us here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ®. You will in essence be in control of your information in this regard, as it is you who decides which courier you will use when you place your order on our site.
  8. We apply the usage of your information for the purpose of offering services and support via our site here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ®. We may also access your information for the sake of operating our business, such as the determination of usage trends pertaining to our site and the analysis of shopping trends and communication in an effort to be able to better serve our customers and to be able to enhance the profitability of our business in an efficient manner. In such cases, we may resort to the help of third parties, such as for advertising.
  9. The information also may be taken into consideration during efforts of research and development in order to apply applicable enhancements to our products. Furthermore, your information is used for the sake of providing you with an optimal personalized experience on our website.
  10. We apply the usage of cookies to offer you a good user experience on our site. This allows our site to function smoothly and to show you products and information that are most relevant to you.
  11. We have set forth in place technical tactics as well as administrative strategies to ensure the highest level of protection in regard to the personal information that you provide to us. For instance, we encrypt all information. We are committed to your privacy and security when you use our site and deal with our business here at INTEGRAL TACTICAL ®.