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The Ontario Made program is an initiative put forth by the Canadian Manufactures & Exporters association (CME) and supported by the provincial government to promote Ontario made products to the province and the rest of the country.

There are currently more that 40,000 manufactures in the province of Ontario. With so many avenues to purchase products, we may sometimes overlook local companies. Ontario companies produce quality products that are shipped worldwide. The Ontario Made program will help promote these products to a local audience. To find Ontario Manufactures please, click here:

To become a registered Ontario Made supplier, you must fill out an application and be verified by the CME. Interested companies can click on this link to get started.

FELLFAB® is a registered Ontario Made (Fabriqué en Ontario) supplier. We have retooled some of our operations to manufacture much-needed PPE products including isolation gowns, scrubs, non-medical face masks, and spa coverings.  We invite you to review our PPE section of our website for more information, Click Here.

More information:

2343 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8E 5V8
Phone: 905-560-9230
Email general:  PPE

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